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An international move to Köln (Cologne) in Germany is likely a big step, which may bring a lot of pressure at the same time. To make your move to Köln easier, you can get up to 6 international moving and shipping quotes for free when making a single request on Intlmovers. It is very easy to compare prices and services for your move to Köln, Germany.

Avoid the stress for your move to Köln

Intlmovers can save time and money for your move to Köln! After making a request on Intlmovers, we will offer you up to six international moving companies who can help you with your move to Köln. They will contact you by phone or email and provide you with their quotes for your international move to Köln.

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How to use Intlmovers for your move from or to Köln

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on 'Find moving companies!'
  2. Review the list of international moving companies, and click on 'Request quotation'
  3. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for international moves to Köln.

Why you should use Intlmovers for your international removal to Köln

  1. The movers have years of experience with removals to Köln
  2. Avoid the stress and let the movers do the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Köln which can make your removal cheaper

About Köln

Address registration in Köln
When you move to Köln on a permanent basis, you must register within a week after you move to Köln, Germany. You can go to the customer center in the city center (Kundenzentrum Innenstadt) or a registration office (Meldehalle). Your new address will be recorded on your identity card.

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Some necessary documents are required for the registration:

  • Personal identity card
  • National passport with residence permit
  • Registration form
  • Name and address of landlord
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • Birth certificate (if you have children)

Cost of living in Köln
The cost of living in Köln is quite high compared to some other locations. Costs of healthcare, clothing, communication, groceries, household accommodation and transport are generally considered higher than other German cities. However, education costs are actually lower compared to those in other places. This includes pre-school fees, primary school fees, and high school fees, etc.

Jobs in Köln
Germany has a strong economy, so this brings with it a larger number of job opportunities. Some industries have a shortage of skilled people. This includes IT, biology, engineering, physics, and the chemistry and chemical sectors. What's more, several multinational companies have established their branches in the region of Köln. Larger cities such as Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn and Dortmund are nearby, which makes it very attractive for overseas nationals to relocate to Köln.

Popular moves to Köln

Netherlands Belgium United Kingdom Romania Slovenia Bosnie and Herzegovina Croatia Poland Serbia Greece
Köln is a popular destination for people from the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Experiences of our relocation companies

Our international relocation companies can relieve the stress of your move to Köln. You can fully rely on the moving and shipping companies listed on They have years of proven professional international moving experience. No matter what kind of moving and shipping companies you are searching for, Intlmovers can help you.

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It is very easy and absolutely free to use Intlmovers. There is no extra cost at all. After you make the online request on our website, we will send you 6 obligation free quotes from international moving companies.

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"Intlmovers helped me to make my move to Köln. The service is super easy, free and fast! It offered me 5 quotes from reputable moving companies. I could compare prices easily and found the ideal moving company for my move."
Reviewed by: R. Laine Moved from Finland to Köln, Germany
Rating: 9/10
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It really saved me a lot of time
"There was an urgent need for me to move to Köln. I had to plan everything for the move in a hurry. I came across Intlmovers and it really saved me a lot of time. I would like to recommend this website to my friends if they need to move internationally."
Reviewed by: K. Moore Moved from Norway to Köln, Germany
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